Legendary Fairystones: miracles in design and beauty showcased in fine jewelry.
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"Most mystical and unique cross ever discovered!"

The rare and mysterious Fairystone Crosses shown on our website are created and hand crafted by R. Lavinder. This website and our store, located within minutes of Fairystone State Park, are the only place in the world that these 14K religious jewelry creations are available. Some of our items are one of a kind, and no two crosses are exactly the same. Our Birthstone Fairystones come with the stone of your choice of the following: diamonds, rubies, emeralds, sapphires, opals, or most any other gemstone.

Legend of the Fairystone Cross

Cross Snuggled away in the foothills of the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia, lies one of the most mystical finds in all of the United States. Discovered long ago in a small and remote section of land on Bull Mountain, the "Fairystone Cross" to this day baffles leading scientists,
as to its origin.

It is believed that those who possess one of these natural symbols of Christ are truly blessed. The beauty and romance of this cross can only be matched by the legend of the far-famed Fairystone Cross.

Long ago, before the woods breathed the lovely spirit of the enchanting Pocahontas, long before man's first footprints graced the hillsides, lived the Fairy Angels. These Fairy Angels were sent from heaven to enjoy and adorn this small part of God's creation. One day as the Fairy Angels danced around a spring of mountain water an emissary arrived from Heaven bearing the sad tidings of the death of Christ. While hearing the story of the horrifying crucifixion, the passion inside was so great, that they wept. As each teardrop fell upon the earth, a beautiful cross was formed. Even today, as we hold these small ''Fairystone Crosses", we can feel the power and the blessing of that most Holy Day!

Centered in this area of unusual beauty, lies one of Virginia's most charming parks, FAIRYSTONE STATE PARK. The name being derived from the Fairystone Crosses found in its boundaries.

About the Fairystone Cross

Washington, D.C. September 18th, 1925 a bulletin issued by the United States Geographical Survey, states "Perhaps the most curious mineral found in the United States is staurolite, otherwise known as the Fairy Stone, found in Virginia, the brownish-black crystal occurring in well defined crosses."

It is well known that Presidents Theodore Roosevelt, Woodrow Wilson, Calvin Coolidge, and Warren Harding, and other prominent people of this country have owned one or more of the Fairy Stone Crosses.

Crown Heads of Europe and military men of the European Wars carried these crosses on their person for protection.

The Fairystone Crosses have been classified as a Twin Staurolite Crystal, although scientists do not have an explanation for the twin crystalline formation of these stones.